Sustainability Scorecard

We are excited to share that we used renewable energy to train our final suite of models.

The table below shows our climate performance model card, inspired by Hershcovich et al. 2022.

This data is currently being evaluated by Filecoin Green to establish a Green Score and will be published once finalized.


Model Publicly Available


Time to train final models

64,500 GPU Hours

Location for computations for final models

United States (WA)

Energy mix at location for final models

24 gCO2eq/kWh

Power of GPU and CPU for final models

0.78 kW

CO2eq for final models

1,199.70 kg

Time for all experiments

1,535 GPU Hours - Canada (ON) & 2,150 GPU Hours - United States (CA)

Power of GPU and CPU for experiments

0.55 kW

Location for computations for experiments

Canada (ON) & United States (CA)

Energy mix at location for experiments

134 gCO2eq/kWh & 186 gCO2eq/kWh

CO2eq for all experiments

113.13 kgCO2eq & 219.95 kgCO2eq

Average CO2eq for inference per sample

6.13 mg

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