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ClimateGPT+ enhances vetted climate intelligence with your own datasets.

Biodiversity plays a vital role in maintaining ecosystem balance and resilience . Here are some keyways in which biodiversity contributes to ecosystem health : Ecological Stability : Biodiversity helps ecosystems remain stable and resilient to disturbances . A variety of species means that if one population declines due to disease or environmental changes , other species can fill its ecological niche , preventing ecosystem disruption . Food Web Complexity : Biodiversity creates complex food webs with numerous predator-prey relationships . This complexity helps keep populations in check and maintains overall ecosystem balance . Loss of biodiversity can lead to disruptions in these food webs , resulting in cascading effects throughout the ecosystem . Habitat Diversity : Biodiversity drives habitat diversity , providing niches for a wide range of species . Each species contributes to the overall functionality of the ecosystem , from soil fertility to pollination and pest control . Ecosystem Services : Biodiverse ecosystems provide essential services like nutrient cycling , soil formation , and carbon storage . These services underpin ecosystem health and are vital for human well-being . Adaptation and Resilience : High levels of biodiversity enhance ecosystem resilience to environmental changes , such as climate change . With more species contributing to ecosystem functions , there is redundancy built into the system , ensuring that if one species fails , others can step in . Genetic Diversity : Biodiversity includes genetic diversity within species , allowing populations to adapt to changing conditions . This genetic diversity is essential for long-term ecosystem health and adaptation . Evolutionary Potential : Biodiversity represents the Earth's evolutionary potential , with each species contributing unique traits and adaptations . This genetic diversity ensures that life on Earth can continue to evolve in response to future challenges . In summary , biodiversity is essential for maintaining ecosystem balance and resilience . It contributes to the stability , complexity , and functionality of ecosystems , provides vital ecosystem services , and helps ensure the long-term adaptability of life on our planet . Protecting and preserving biodiversity is crucial for safeguarding the health and sustainability of our environment . Biodiversity plays a vital role in maintaining ecosystem balance and resilience , which in turn has significant economic and financial implications . Here are some key economic and financial aspects related to biodiversity . Ecosystem Services : Biodiversity supports a wide range of ecosystem services that benefit the economy and society . These services include pollination of crops , regulation of air and water quality , soil fertility , and flood attenuation . The economic value of these services is substantial and estimates suggest that the global value of ecosystem services ranges from USD 125–145 trillion per year . Agriculture and Food Security : Biodiversity is crucial for agricultural productivity and food security . Diverse ecosystems provide a wide range of agricultural products , including seeds , livestock , and fish , which are essential for global food production . The economic impact of biodiversity loss on agriculture can be significant , leading to reduced productivity , increased vulnerability to pests and diseases , and higher production costs . Health and Medicinal Resources : Biodiversity is a rich source of medicinal resources , with many species providing valuable pharmaceutical products . The economic value of biodiversity-based medicines is substantial , and the discovery of new medicinal compounds from nature continues to be an important area of research . Tourism and Recreation : Biodiversity-rich areas attract tourists and recreational activities , contributing significantly to local economies . The economic impact of wildlife-related tourism alone is estimated to be around USD 120.1 billion globally . Insurance Value : Biodiversity provides an insurance value by safeguarding ecosystems that underpin human survival . Healthy ecosystems can act as a buffer against environmental shocks , reducing the economic cost of disasters and natural calamities . Business Opportunities : Biodiversity conservation can stimulate business opportunities , such as ecotourism , sustainable agriculture , and green infrastructure . These sectors can generate employment , income , and economic growth . Costs of Biodiversity Loss : The economic cost of biodiversity loss is substantial . Estimates suggest that the cost of global biodiversity loss could be equivalent to around 7% of global GDP by 2050 .

Unlock your Climate Data

Triple Bottom Line

ClimateGPT+ is designed to help your business navigate the complexities of sustainability. It is the first LLM focused on achieving the triple bottom line - profit, people, and the planet.

By leveraging a custom cultivated RAG corpus, ClimateGPT+ provides unique insight into social, economic, and natural forces, allowing your organization to integrate sustainable practices with responsible and purpose-driven business strategy.

Regenerative Economics

As part of our commitment to open climate AI, a portion of revenue generated from ClimateGPT+ will be reinvested back into the ECI.

This funding accelerates further research opportunities and subsidizes access to qualified researchers and practitioners.

Global Climate Intelligence + Your Data

ClimateGPT+ is our enterprise-ready model for generating climate insights from a planetary-scale dataset.

Unlock Sustainability Intelligence

ClimateGPT+ allows enterprises to harness the analytical prowess of our open source model and apply it to your datasets in order to unlock unique sustainability intelligence for your organization.

Generate Custom Climate Insights

Developing climate solutions for your company requires nuanced context that is hyper-specific to your business. That's where ClimateGPT+ comes in.


Climate Conversations in Your Language

ClimateGPT+ supports conversations in 22 languages using AppTek's groundbreaking machine translation technology.

Our multilingual climate assistant can engage users in Arabic, Bangla, Greek, Spanish, Persian, and many more. This global capability allows ClimateGPT+ to drive climate action across cultures and demographics.

Security & Integrity

White Glove Implementation


Complex Climate Scenario Foresight with DelphAI

DelphAI delivers robust climate intelligence to navigate complexity and plan for a sustainable future. Stakeholder analysis, impact mapping, and Monte Carlo simulation provide probabilistic foresight to stress test decisions under various climate scenarios. By combining these capabilities, DelphAI enables comprehensive risk analysis and solution development for the existential threat of climate change.


Enterprise Integrations

ClimateGPT+ Integrations ensure responsible Climate AI across your organization's tech stack.


ClimateGPT+ brings responsible AI directly into your Salesforce platform. With our simple integration, multiple stakeholders in the field can now make decision on model governance.




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